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China is finally rehiring foreign teachers and employees post pandemic

picture of crowded chinese city street at night
Foreign workers are finally being recruited and welcomed back into China after over 2 years of border closures. This is what has changed and why we are finally resuming hiring for working in China. Teachers can go to China on Work Visas again Its been a long, painful Pandemic for many of us in the world. Isolated in our homes and  deprived from many things we love. Since the start of the Pan...
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Official. Foreigners returning for work, personal matters or reunion can re-enter China

Suzhou skyline night
It's been a while since we heard unofficial reports that foreigners with a valid work permit may re-enter China. Today, we heard this news more formally through the official website of the China National Immigration Administration. The official government body in China that manages nationwide immigration policy. The statement in Chinese and their own unofficial English translation is below and can...
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A Quiet reopening of the Chinese border to TEFL teachers

Chongqing bridge
After a quiet 2020 I'm delighted to inform readers that over the past week a number of schools across China have informed me of their local government offices quietly allowing new work visa applications to start. Although not widely publicised, presumably to avoid a large sudden influx, it appears the Chinese border is quietly reopened for new TEFL teachers. As such, we at Noon Elite Recruitment a...
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China allowing many European nationals to return to Teach English in China

Picture of Temple in South West China on summit of Emei mountain
China may be allowing European nationals of many countries permission to return to China if they possess a valid work or residence permit. The news is a much welcome step for many people eager to return to China to continue working as English teachers. The news was released here on the 10th August on the Chinese social media page of the Chinese embassy in Denmark and is yet to be made widely p...
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Chinese national holiday dates for 2020 and 2021

Suzhou skyline night
Almost all work contracts in China include the official Chinese public holidays as paid vacations. Once again for the new year, here are the public holiday dates for the years 2020 and 2021 in China. Holiday 2020 Date 2021 Date New Year's Day  January 1st January 1- 3rd Chinese New Year  January 25th Holiday: January 24th - 30th February 11th-17th Tomb Swee...
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When will English teaching positions resume and how has the Coronavirus Pandemic affected these jobs?

Shanghai night
The alarming Coronavirus Pandemic has devastated the economy of the entire planet. Rather than being an exception, the outbreak has and will continue to have a colossal impact on the English teaching industry in China. This is how the virus is going to delay jobs for the foreseeable future, our best estimation of a return to work date for China teachers stuck in the West and the implications a...
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Visas of Foreigners in China automatically extended for 2 months due to the coronavirus

Visas of foreigners in China will be automatically extended by 2 months from the 1st March 2020 in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The announcements was made by Liu Haitao, director of Frontier inspection and Department of the State Migration Administration on Sunday March 1st . the period of stay of foreigners in China can be automatically extended for two months. No extension application ...
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Applications for China reopened following positive progress of Coronavirus controls

Pandas in Chengdu, China
After a rather hectic few weeks we are pleased to declare from today that we are now accepting interviews and considering candidates for positions in Chinese schools. According to data provided by the WHO, New Covid-19 cases have dropped on 2nd March to only 206. Reports from our clients across China suggest that schools will be reopening from around mid April and as such we are considering candid...
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The Coronavirus Situation and how it affects teaching in China

Developments all around the world have now taken place changing the current situation. You can see full details at our latest coronavirus situation article here at  For the past few weeks a disease has devastated the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei p...
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Elite level CV hacks to get you noticed for the hyper-competitive positions

Grad schemes are hyper competitive as they offer a gateway to a high level career with the training and development to match. Once again it's that time of year when graduates should be sending out their applications and in this age where more candidates than ever are applying. The old wisdom of perfecting your CV's and getting good grades are no longer sufficient. Exclusively for our readers, ...
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