Official. Foreigners returning for work, personal matters or reunion can re-enter China

Suzhou skyline night
It's been a while since we heard unofficial reports that foreigners with a valid work permit may re-enter China. Today, we heard this news more formally through the official website of the China National Immigration Administration. The official government body in China that manages nationwide immigration policy. The statement in Chinese and their own unofficial English translation is below and can...
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China allowing many European nationals to return to Teach English in China

Picture of Temple in South West China on summit of Emei mountain
China may be allowing European nationals of many countries permission to return to China if they possess a valid work or residence permit. The news is a much welcome step for many people eager to return to China to continue working as English teachers. The news was released here on the 10th August on the Chinese social media page of the Chinese embassy in Denmark and is yet to be made widely p...
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