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Who we are and what we do

Hello and welcome to the home of Noon Elite Recruitment. We provide incredible international opportunities for those looking to get more out of life.

Our Mission: Amazing jobs for amazing people.

We at Noon Elite Recruitment act as devoted agents, connecting promising graduates with excellent employers that otherwise would not be able to find one another and thus miss out on a potentially great life enriching experience.

Why use our services?

Our excellence lies in our passion. Using our companies international, worldwide connections. Applicants of our positions can freely utilize our global contacts and experience to find opportunities that they never knew existed, from the world’s largest selection of quality assured TEFL positions in China to ambassador work in Costa Rica. Candidates can forge their own career opportunities and subsequently gain unique experience abroad that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

From researching foreign companies, translating foreign tongues and understanding different cultural practices we aim to ensure a high quality and seamless recruitment experience for all parties involved. This enables Noon Elite Recruitment to provide a valuable service matching the right candidates to the right positions. We love what we do and genuinely care about giving great people great life changing experiences. We believe that this love of what we do is what makes us so good at our job.

Why are we ‘Elite’?

We class ourselves as elites. This is because we aim to be ‘elite’ in every aspect of the business we conduct. We find, screen and select candidates above and beyond standard recruitment agency standards and only suggest jobs to them that we feel they are personally suited for. Likewise, our employer clients are personally inspected, met and checked against our very high standards to enable us to only recommend high quality, suitable job postings that we are confident will be safe and caring environments for our applicants to work in far better than the usual standards. Going back to our philosophy, the most efficient long term workers are those well cared for in a safe, efficient working environment. This is best for the employees, best for employers and best for Noon Elite Recruitment.

Follow the story on Insta.

In addition to our corporate Social media pages showing you our latest tips and positions, our instagram account shows informal behind the scenes footage of agents at Noon Elite Recruitment and tells the story of how we came from an idea to the largest independent TEFL recruiter for China positions in the world. Caution, this may contain bad language!

Keano leading the tutorial for the LinkedIn campaign. #noonelitestory

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Let us know how we’re doing

We work with people in different circumstances all over the world and appreciate any feedback from anyone who thinks that they can help us. If you have any ideas for improving our service, or any complaints or concerns about our operations then we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to inform us how we can do better for you and promise to carefully take on board any feedback made.

If you have any comments and enquiries please send us a message to enquiries@nooneliterecruitment.com . We greatly appreciate your help and warmly welcome all suggestions and feedback.

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