A Quiet reopening of the Chinese border to TEFL teachers

After a quiet 2020 I’m delighted to inform readers that over the past week a number of schools across China have informed me of their local government offices quietly allowing new work visa applications to start. Although not widely publicised, presumably to avoid a large sudden influx, it appears the Chinese border is quietly reopened for new TEFL teachers. As such, we at Noon Elite Recruitment are once again hiring new teachers for our flagship China positions. Candidates interested can apply now or view our teach English in China page for more information.

Things to note on the border reopening

It is important to note that we as yet have no official publication from the Chinese authorities of the border reopening, this appears the norm for news developments. It would also allow the Chinese authorities to quickly suspend or reverse this opening for new teachers if they deemed this course of action necessary. Looking at the world coronavirus situation, our speculation is that, just like so many schools around the world, the Chinese cannot hold off hiring of teachers forever. With the coronavirus situation not looking to go anywhere anytime soon, a managed, steady reintroduction of TEFL teachers to the Chinese mainland could provide relief to the vast number of schools struggling to provide teachers for their classes.

Expected first arrival of new teachers

Assuming that the Chinese work visa regulations and procedure for processing relevant papers stayed the same, we would estimate new teachers being able to arrive in China as early as late October/ November. However it is important to keep in mind that hold ups from a sudden surge in demand may cause backlogs and we would not find it surprising if many teachers arrived in the new year in 2021.


In addition to processing new teachers work papers, it is expected for the foreseeable future that new arrivals spend the first 2 weeks in China in a quarantine center as a control measure against the spread of coronavirus. Both teachers and schools will need to factor in the financial and time constraints of such an additional requirement into their hiring plans.

Additional considerations for new teachers

On top of the usual cultural and logistical challenges that moving to China brings, the coronavirus pandemic has brought additional obstacles in moving to China. In addition to the aforementioned quarantine, many schools are likely to have additional strict protocols for wearing masks, social distancing, hand washing  and a range of other things. More than ever before, teachers will need to keep an open mind and be flexibly minded to rise to these new challenges and work together to fight the coronavirus.

Interested in applying

If you wish to apply for a position in China then you can apply here. Additionally should you have any questions on the current situation please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our agents will be happy to get back to you.


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