Teach English in China

Change your life, learn mandarin, travel so much to so many places and experience more than you could ever imagine. Take a year out to teach English in China.

Teach English in China

Teach English in China

Live an entire lifetime in a single year. In a completely new culture. At the forefront of the new world. Teach English in China. Learn Mandarin Chinese and use the money to travel all over Asia. These teaching positions are safe, exciting, rewarding and reputable. Thus opening up a world of opportunities that your typical grad-job can’t even come close to. In this 12 month placement, you will become conversational in Mandarin, you will travel all over China, you will gain work experience in the far east and you will have international teaching experience to proudly add to your now not so ordinary CV. On top of this, you will earn good money at least three times that of the average Chinese salary. Our Teaching English in China placements are highly flexible and tailored to your own...

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