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Find the best teach English in China job offer

Chinese jobs offer competitive salary but the problem is often many new teachers lack the experience to tell a good deal from a bad one. To ensure all teachers get a good deal and to protect you from lowball offers we have created this powerful offer evaluator. Unlike other agencies, we wont just use this as an excuse to get your details and will tell you instantly how the offer compares to what other teachers are getting.

Once you have your offer, you can use our jobmatcher to find your ideal alternate school or signup and create an account to get a detailed analysis of all the job rates in China, how yours compares and access to every job on our Recruitment database. You can also show your CV to our employers and have them send you competing offers if you wish. We are one of the largest independent China recruitment agencies in the world and every year get requests for help from teachers who feel they settled for a low salary.

It's important to know that you know exactly how much you are getting before accepting a job offer and whether you use our new tool or research elsewhere we wish every teacher get the best offer that they can.