China is finally rehiring foreign teachers and employees post pandemic

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Foreign workers are finally being recruited and welcomed back into China after over 2 years of border closures. This is what has changed and why we are finally resuming hiring for working in China.

Teachers can go to China on Work Visas again

Its been a long, painful Pandemic for many of us in the world. Isolated in our homes and  deprived from many things we love. Since the start of the Pandemic in early 2020, China has been at the epicenter of world coronavirus news. China has had huge success from its strict policies to contain and limit the COVID-19 disease. However, this has come at great cost to the recruitment of foreigners looking to work in China.

Finally, there has been a breakthrough. As of mid June 2022, authorities in Shanghai announced that the city no longer was requiring PU letters for foreign employees to arrive in the country. Shortly after, there was an official announcement on the website of the Chinese embassy to UK on their website announcing that nationwide in China the PU letter for those applying for Z visas was no longer needed. This means that new employees can apply to work in China simply by applying for a work visa. This is the same as it was before the pandemic.

What about quarantine?

Quarantine was very strict earlier on in the pandemic with a 14 day quarantine period. This had to be in a designated quarantine hotel and was mandatory for much of the pandemic. However, as of 28th June this year China halved its coronavirus quarantine to only 7 days with an additional 3 required days of home observation. Consequently, it’s now much more feasible to work in China.

Flights are improving

Another related barrier to China recently has been the incredibly high flight prices. Due to the sheer demand particularly of China’s huge number of University students travelling overseas for study and the dramatic reduction of flights operating from Chinese airports, demand for a while has far outstripped supply. Adding even further to the price surge, there have been reports of ticket scalpers buying up excess tickets to push prices up even higher.

The result was that in June 2022, a one way flight from London to Beijing could cost over £6000. Finally, with the increase in flight slots reopening at Chinese airports supply is gradually improving and prices have come down to more realistic levels. In July 2022, flights from London to Beijing arriving in October 2022 started from £858. This is still higher than before the pandemic but much lower than it recently was. Flight prices will likely continue to drop as more flights resume.

Screenshot showing flight price from london to beijing in july 2022 for a flight in october 2022
Flight prices are finally coming down closer to pre pandemic rates. These search results were accurate on 15th July 2022.

Bottom Line. We’re hiring to teach English in China again!

Thanks to these developments, we are once again hiring for positions across China. Starting in October 2022 we have new positions with competitive salaries, holidays and benefits. Many of the teachers who have remained in China throughout the pandemic are finally returning home and this is resulting in a number of good vacancies for candidates. Interested in change of location to Teach English in China? Check out our vacancies and please reach out to us with any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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