Lesson Plan Memory drives

Noon Elite Pendrive

Our memory sticks have been made as a cost effective solution to the hours spent worrying and panicking about what to teach. Our USB drive comes with 1 years worth of lesson plans for three different age and ability levels; Kindergarten, Junior and Senior/Adult. The lessons have been tested and developed through a culmination of two years classroom experimentation in schools in China. New TEFL teachers often underestimate the time and dedication it takes to consistently plan engaging and useful lessons to their students and having an effective lesson plan in the classroom can make the difference from loving your job to feeling stressed.
These 8GB drives with 1 years worth of lesson plans and instructions on how to make your own lessons easily are now finished and available to all interested in a TEFL opportunity. We highly advise you consider one of these drives. Memory sticks are priced at £49.99 and include free global shipping. These classroom lifesaving drives contain over 80 lessons and over 200 files, that’s less than 70 pence per lesson and has ample free memory for storing backup movies and classroom songs. These drives are invaluable to helping new teacher settle in. We hope you like the idea of these drives and find them helpful.