Teach English in China for 1 year or don’t bother at all

Chinese characters lit up at a bar
Teaching English in China is a major life changing experience. You literally uproot your entire life and move thousands of miles away to an entirely different culture. With such a huge change it's easy to consider dipping your toes in the water and going for a shorter period. Here is why that's a terrible thing to do and how the choice of a year or nothing helps so much with deciding whether or no...
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5 ways you can improve your working week without changing job (or anything at work)

Sichuan province emei mountain peak.
As humans, we often fall victim to assuming that the grass is always greener on the other side and that in order to improve our lives we need to make big changes such as changing our job. However, there are many seemingly tiny changes we can make to our daily schedule to get much more out of our current job and our current circumstances. Heres a few small changes that can make a huge difference. ...
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Will I get rich working in London…Or am I being played?

London twilight
London has no shortage of jobs for bright eyed, idealistic graduates fresh off the boat from sparser pastures. Its often said that London sucks, both the talent and the grime and one doesnt come without the other. The story of the risks and rewards of a job in a huge city such as London play as textbook examples of urbanisation. This is how London entices you in and how you are risked hanging ...
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