Why it’s quality over quantity for job applications

Quality over quantity

In today’s high tech age of job sites and accounts, sending off your application can be done at the click of a button. Ubiquitous positions are posted by the hundreds and candidates from all over the world apply forĀ  hundreds of jobs. Like this, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of applying wholesale with a generic CV. However, contrary to the actions of most job applicants bulk applications are not the successful approach. In fact, figures by jobsite indeed shows applicants with the highest number of applications are 39% less likely to receive a positive response from employers. Here’s why quantity over quality is a complete waste of time and how you can maximise your success through each job application.

Recruiters needn’t bother with generic applications

With so many job applications made, recruiters don’t have time to bother with candidates that don’t take the time to know about the specific position. Applying for a role with a generic CV shows that you were not willing to take the time to apply for the position properly. Furthermore, it suggests that you dont even understand the position that you have applied for. Why should a recruiter spend their time considering your application if you didnt give the time to get to know them? Furthermore, some recruitment agencies outright reject generic applications. For example, Noon Elite Recruitment do not even consider generic applications for their positions. Applying individually may take considerably more time and effort, but it is the only way to succeed.

Competition is fierce

With the increased number of applications, employers are able to be increasingly picky for their new hires. This power of the employers over applicants can be seen by data by the office of national statistics that shows in the UK 1 in 6 employees are overqualified for their role. With such competition on the application pile, recruiters and employers need only select out the bespoke, carefully researched applications for consideration. By taking the time to write a quality, specific application you are increasing the likelihood that it is your application that they pick up.

A good application pays dividends down the line

It’s not just the application itself that is greatly helped by quality. By writing a quality application from careful research you naturally learn more about the position and industry that you are applying for. Furthermore, you are increasing your prospects of a successful interview by improving your knowledge of the hiring employer. Although it may seem a chore in the short term, like so many things in life, quality over quantity is the only way to go.