7 tips for a smoother interview

So your application was successfully responded to and you have been invited to an in person interview for that position you always wanted. Here are some tips to help your interview go smoothly.

1. Do your homework

There really is no excuse for poor job knowledge in interview. Make sure you spend time reading up on both the company and the industry as a whole. Know who the company is, who the CEO is and who their competitors are. Another vital one to learn is the business’s mission statement along with their objectives. These are commonplace in businesses the world over and almost always clearly displayed on their corporate website. For example, here’s the mission statement for noon elite recruitment; ‘Amazing jobs for amazing people’. In theory, these values will dictate the type of personality that the company is looking for and there is no excuse to overlook this easily accessible information which will put you on the inside track come question time.

2. Get a good nights sleep

Homework being made a priority, there is no excuse for stopping up all night the day before the interview to cram. Tiredness on the day will affect your ability to perform and it’s essential that you run on all cylinders to maximise your chances of success. Have a cup of camomile tea and get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

3. Get a good breakfast

A good nights sleep and a nutritious breakfast are key to feeding your brain and being on top form to present yourself, answer questions and tell the interviewer(s) what they want to hear. For a long day, try a slow release breakfast such as porridge oats to ensure you will have energy come interview time.

4. Arrive early

There’s no excuse for being pushed for time. Interviews are usually set days in advance giving you plenty of time to arrange your arrival in good time. If in doubt, add a generous amount of buffer time, you can always wait around at the interview venue or grab a coffee in a nearby cafe if you have extra time.

5. Accept the drink

Almost every time you attend an interview someone will offer you a drink of tea/coffee/water while you wait. Although it seems second nature to us to politely reject the ‘charity’ offer, accepting the drink can make you appear more relaxed and confident and this can help you perform better in your interview. Remember that during the interview you are there representing yourself rather than an underling of the company you are visiting so it’s important to behave in a manner of being a respectful equal to those assessing you.

6. Ask lots of questions

There’s nothing more disheartening for interviewers than to have a candidate that doesnt have any questions. Having nothing to ask suggests that you are not interested in the position and not being interested in the position suggests that you don’t want a job and the last half an hours worth of both your time and theirs was a complete waste.  Use that research, tell them lots of interesting things you like about the company and ask lots and lots of questions. It looks great and shows a strong candidate from a boring participant.

7. Smile

Smiling  is a simple gesture that can light up the day of yourself and those around you. If that’s too vague, it may be interesting to know that, according to a new research publication, smiling makes yourself more memorable to observers such as those interviewing you and thus will help you stand out.  Smile whenever and wherever you can, it’s a free and easy way to make your life, and your job prospects better.