Teach English in Yunnan

Yunnan province is deep within Chinas wild west bordering Tibet and surrounded by mountains. The province is popular for its stunning natural beauty and culture.

White towers along a mountain road in Yunnan province
White towers along a mountain road in Yunnan province

Average salary for Yunnan province: 15,000 rmb/month

Geography & Climate

Yunnan is a mountain lovers paradise. Set in China’s far South West the province is mountainous in the north west and has lower lying lands in the southeast. This is where the majority of people in the province live. The weather is generally pleasant and fair as the provinces lies on south facing mountain slopes. July temperatures vary from 20-27 degrees celsius and the winter weather is nice and mild with the temperature ranging from 8 to 17 degrees celsius. The province¬†borders Sichuan and Tibet to the north, Guizhou to the northeast and Guangxi to the east.

Job Opportunities

Kunming, the provincial capital is a good place to consider working in Yunnan and having as a base. The city has a large number of kindergartens and training schools. additionally, public schools, universities and colleges all have vacancies for TEFL teachers.  Outside of the provincial capital the are positions in many of the smaller cities too including Lijiang, dali and many others.

Architecture in Shangri la, Yunnan
Shangri la, Yunnan

Things to see and do in Yunnan

The province is surrounded in beautiful scenery and the mountains to the north contain a wealth of tourist gems including tiger leaping gorge and Shangri-la: a new tourist area copied from the mythical settlement of the same name. Tourist towns Lijiang and Dali are also beautiful places to walk around despite their high tourist numbers. Also for the adventurous the remote Lugu lake is an incredible destination for those willing to endure the long, bumpy coach ride there.

Food and drink

The province is famous for its Puer tea and further north in the mountains the local Yaks butter tea and Yaks meat tastes incredible. The province is also famous for its Cheeses and Coffee is a popular product sold in Yunnan’s towns and cities.


Jobs in Yunnan

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