Teach English in Sichuan

Sichuan is a wild, beautiful mountainous province in south West China famous for its spicy cuisine and its cute Pandas.

Sichuan province emei mountain peak.
A view of Sichuan province from the peak of Emei mountain.

Average salary for Sichuan province: 11,000 rmb/month

Geography & Climate

Sichuan is a highly mountainous province with the tibetan himalayas to the West. The eastern part of the province is within the fertile sichuan basin. Western sichuan comprises mountains forming the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The yangtze river flows through the mountains of western sichuan.

Due to the variance in terrain across the province from mountains to lower lying flat land the climate of the province varies. The province has heavy rainfall in the summer influenced by the monsoon. The province has a humid sub tropical climate with hot summers and mild/cold winters.

Job Opportunities

The provincial capital Chengdu has no shortage of training schools, colleges and universities looking for qualified TEFL teachers to Teach English in a classroom environment. Additionally there are increasing opportunities in other cities including Deyang, Suining and Meishan.

Things to see and do

The province is a beautiful natural landscape. The stunning mountain of Emei shan 2 hours from Chengdu is a hugely popular tourist destination. Also in Chengdu its self is the national panda breeding research centre, this is the best place on the planet to visit the giant panda. Additionally the beautiful national park of Jiuzhaigou valley famous for its stunning scenery is popular among tourists.

Food and drink

Sichuan cuisine is known as one of the four great traditions of Chinese cuisine and contains a great deal of hot and numbing spices. The food is well seasoned with a broad range of spicy flavours. Local specialties include dandan noodles and kung pao chicken. The foods are generally hugely popular and famous throughout the whole of China.

Cultural insights

The Sichuanese people originate as a sub group of the ethnic majority of Han Chinese. The Sichuanese speak their own dialect of sichuanese mandarin.

Jobs in Sichuan

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