Teach English in Qinghai

The northwestern province of Qinghai is one of the largest provinces in all of China and has long been a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions making this area a very colorful and interesting place to explore.

Qinghai has some stunning natural beauty
Qinghai has some stunning natural beauty. Photo credit: Stefan Wagener

Geography & Climate

Qinghai is a landlocked province in north-west China, lying on the north eastern Tibetan plateau. The source of the Yellow river is found in the south of the province. and the average altitude in the province is 3000 meters. Qinghai borders Sichuan province to the south, Tibet to the east, Xinjiang to the north west and Gansu to the northeast.

Due to its relatively high altitude, the province has cold winters and fairly mild summers. January temperatures ranger from around -19 to -7 degrees celsius, in July, the temperature ranges from around 15 to 22 degrees celsius.

Job Opportunities

The provincial capital city, Xining has no shortage of job vacancies for passionate TEFL teachers. these can be found in high schools, kindergartens, public and private schools, colleges and universities. Another city with vacancies for passionate TEFL teachers is Haidong city. Talk to a Noon Elite agent for the latest positions and inside information.

Things to see and do in Qinghai

Qinghai lake is the largest inland saltwater lake in all of China. It is a great place to view the surrounding wildlife. In the lake, a small island known as bird island forms a sanctuary for many varieties of birds.

Another great sight is the Ta’er monastery, a monastery of Tibetan buddhism. Located 25km to the southwest of Xining city the monastery features beautiful Tibetan and Han architecture and is a tranquil setting to get away from it all.

Food and drink

Qinghai cuisine features many distinctly different foods and flavours from that of other Chinese foods. Like all cuisines, the local ingredients heavily influence the dishes. Yoghurt is a popular product to eat/drink on the Tibetan plateau. For noodles, sheep intestine noodles are a popular dish along with mutton dishes.

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