Teach English in Liaoning

Liaoning is a north Western province of China bordering North Korea. The province is the southern most part of Manchuria, the famous north eastern Chinese region. The Chinese also term Liaoning as ‘the golden triangle’ due to the provinces shape and its strategic location.

Shenyang, provincial capital city of Liaoning
Shenyang, provincial capital city of Liaoning. Photo credit: Aaron Sorrell

Geography & Climate

The geography here is best thought of by dividing the area into three distinct sections: the western highlands, central plains and eastern hills. The mountainous west borders with Inner Mongolia. The central plains are home to the provinces larger cities of Shenyang, and Dalian on the coast. The north east of the province borders Jilin province.  To the south the Liaoning coast lies on the Yellow sea.

The weather in can get very cold in winter and the area has a continental monsoon climate.

Job Opportunities

The main job opportunities in Liaoning are in the two major cities of Shenyang and Dalian. Demand for TEFL teachers in these cities is high and the colder weather makes them less popular for travelling TEFL teachers. There are multiple vacancies in training schools, kindergartens, colleges and public schools in shenyang and Dalian.

Things to see and do in Liaoning

There are no shortage of sights to take in in this magical province. The provincial capital shenyang has a variety of cultural sights including the Shenyang Mukden palace, the palace of the early Qing dynasty. This palace was built to resemble the forbidden city in Beijing. Additionally there is the Jiumenkou Great wall. The only section of the great wall built across water. The wall dates back to (550-577) and it was expanded further during the Ming dynasty in the 14th century. The wall was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2002.

Food and drink

Liaoning cuisine is gaining popularity across China and features a number of strange and delicious delicacies. Dishes include pickled cabbage, similar to the korean staple Kimchi, lamb kebabs, spicy soups and chicken stew.

Jobs in Liaoning

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