Teach English in Nanjing

The city of Nanjing is a popular hub for culture, politics, education, tourism, transport networks and research. Being the second largest city in east China, it is situated in the lower Yangtze River region. With plenty to do and plenty to see, everyday will be an adventure here. The things to do, transportation, shopping and nightlife is an opportunity not to miss, so don’t miss out.

Nanjing at night. Photo credit: Till Kuhn

Average salary for Nanjing city: 16,663 rmb/month

Things to do

Having hosted the Summer Youth Olympic games 2014, Nanjing has served as the capital of various Chinese dynasties, kingdoms and republican governments, and so has earned its clear place in Chinese culture and History. Here is just a few of many things to do here to suit every persons desires and interests:

The Ming Great Wall of Nanjing – Dating back to the 14th century, this outstanding landmark symbolises the time Nanjing was the capital of the Ming Dynasty 1368-1421. Known to be one of the greatest lengths out of the city walls worldwide, it is one of the only original walls to remain from its completion in 1386.

Zijin Mountain – For an escape from the hustle bustle of the city, Zijin Mountain offers a more relaxing alternative to site seeing. The mountain’s southern foot boasts 13,000 full bloom plum trees each February and March, which is just one of the breathtaking sites throughout the year.

Nanjing Museum –  Hosting one of the greatest collections of imperial porcelain in the world, the museum offers a variety of exhibitions, displays and performances from every aspect of the Chinese history, including the famous small jade tile suit of armor and the art works of renowned painter Fu Baoshi.

The Presidential Palace – Hanging the Kuonmintang flag for all to see, the Presidential Palace used to be the governmental seat for the Republic of China. Dating back 600 years, it has seen government bodies such as the first provisional president Sut Yat-sen and his successor Chiang Kai-shek. It’s 90,000 square meter compound means theres plenty of the detailed palace to explore.

This is only four of many of incredible places to see, your ideal adventure awaits in Nanjing.


The City Bus provides a flexible form of transport that can take passengers to most destinations they require. With fantastic prices at 1CNY = 11p, it is hard to resist traveling all over Najing by bus. It also offers a subway service with five lines open and more under construction for those who prefer the underground option. Taxis are widely available with 20,000 in the city, however they are more pricey than the buses starting at 9CNY for the first 2-3km/1.2-2miles of the journey = £1.03.

Nanjing shopping


When traveling the world there are 3 classifications of ‘shopping’. Firstly the assumed form of a large shopping centre with many clothes stores. Nanjing has a range of these including digital malls that sell electronic gadgets, and then the more traditional malls which include high street stores like H&M to deluxe labels like Christian Dior. Secondly to be considered are the food markets such as, Shiziquiao, Mingwaiang and Confucius Temple, a huge part of the culture in Nanjing. Here you can find an array of traditional Chinese street food cuisines like noodle dishes and fried rice in stalls and restaurants that line the streets. Finally the small markets for souvenirs to impress your family and friends, and remind you of fond memories. Why not pick up a Yahuanashi necklace/bracelet which hold the Nanjing jade-smooth, rainbow-hued stones, or a colourful rabbit lantern to hang on display.  Whatever type of shopping you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Nanjing.


With the nightlife continuously growing in Nanjing what a great time to experience it. No matter what night you’re after Nanjing has it. Florentina offers a quiet chilled environment with plenty of alcohol for a more relaxing night, while Sancho Panza allows you to enjoy live local or international bands you can have a dance to. If you are looking for a fancier night Zuo Bar offers a huge choice of cocktails for anyone’s taste served by waist-coated bartenders and a selection of finger food. Whatever the mood, Nanjing’s bars are sure to provide the right atmosphere to indulge in a drink or two.

Jobs in Nanjing