Teach English in Hainan

Hainan is a chinese island south of the Chinese mainland in the east China sea. The province is known by many as the Chinese Hawaii and is a popular tourist destination for its paradise palm beaches and sunny weather.

Sandy beach nearby Sanya, Hainan
Sandy beach nearby Sanya, Hainan

Geography & Climate

Hainan is the largest of all islands administered by the Peoples Republic of China. The climate is a cross between sub tropical and tropical and temperatures are warm year round. A feature of tropical islands all over the world, the island does get typhoons and huge thunder storms.

Job Opportunities

Due to its tropical paradise setting competition for schools in Hainan is fierce. The best location to find employment for TEFL teachers is in the provincial capital Haikou. Also training schools, kindergartens and public schools in sanya occasionally have vacancies for passionate TEFL teachers.

Things to see and do in Hainan

Yalong bay has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach over 7km long. The beach is to the southeast of Sanya city. In addition to the bays capital city Haikou has some incredible scenery in their national parks. Inside the park lies a group of dormant volcanoes and the area has a wide range of beautiful flora and fauna.

If surfing is your thing then you should check out Wanning in southeast Hainan, popular among surfers and beach lovers. Shimei bay is a great place to catch some surf and there are numerous tropical islands reachable by boat to explore.

Food and drink

Food on Hainan has been influenced by its seaside location and tropical climate. Seafood dishes and shellfish here are extremely popular and the food is lighter and less heavily seasoned compared to that found in mainland China. Dishes such as spicy crab, shrimp, freshwater and saltwater fish are very common and there are no shortage of dishes to try.

Other specialities are Hainanese chicken rice, this is a popular south east asian style dish.

TEFL Destinations in Hainan