Teach English in Guiyang


The city of Guiyang is known for having a rich history, a beautiful landscape, tasteful local food, and accessible travel links. This vibrant city being the capital of the Guizhou Province is an ideal place for those looking to teach in China. This wholesome city will leave little time for boredom and is guaranteed to have you looking in awe at the many sights the city has to offer. This short summary of why you would be crazy to not consider teaching in Guiyang covers what to do, transportation, shopping, and of course nightlife.

Things to do

Guiyang is the capital of the extremely old and traditional Guizhou Province. With a rich history the city still possesses its key historical sights which attract tourists from around the world. Some point of interest are the Jiaxiu Pavillion, Qingyan Ancient town, and the Qianling Park. These are just to name a few.=

Jiaxiu Pavillion – This is the landmark of Guiyang City, sitting in the center of the city on a boulder in the cities famous Nanming River. Built in 1598 the word ‘Jiaxiu’ translates to ‘the finest and most talented under heaven’ under the impression that the people in Guiyang were the finest and most talented under heaven.

Qinyan Ancient Town – Just a one hour drive away from the city lies this magnificent ancient town.  Established in 1378 it was first used as a post station providing a link for vital information. This small ancient town has 37 tourist attractions. 9 temples, 8 shrines, 5 pavilions, 3 caves, 2 ancestral halls and 1 academy with more to see. It would be foolish to miss out on such jaw dropping historical sight such as this during your time teaching in China.

Qianling Park – Within the city center itself is one of the most sublime city parks you will lay your eyes upon. Qianling Park is home to the Hongfu Temple, Quinling Lake, Macaque Garden and Kylin Cave. With incredibly adorable macaque monkeys roaming around you as you take in the incredible sights. Being so close and dear to the city this is an ideal place to spend days off from your experience teaching in Guiyang with so much to do you will never get bored.

Mentioned above is only scratching the surface of the many things able to experience in the city of Guiyang.

Qianling Park

Average salary for Guiyang city: 15,143 rmb/month


Guiyang supplies numerous forms of transportation making the city extremely accessible. With a large international airport named Guiyang Longdonabao International Airport getting to the city is easy and affordable with prices ranging from 350-500 when travelling from the UK or the USA. Once arrived at the city airport there will be the option of a city bus, a shuttle bus or trains to get to your next destination and start your teaching experience in China.

The cities transportation links are rather impressive. There are three railway stations operating in the city which provide direct trains to nearby cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and many more. With prices to Shanghai from 229 RNB amounting to just £26 or $33, travelling on your days off should not be an issue. Focusing more inside the city, there is a city bus which runs throughout the day helping to you get to each desirable destination, as well as a reliable taxi service with an estimated 8,000 taxis operating. If your preferred mode of travel is via bicycle then Guiyang has you covered once again with the average cost to hire a bicycle standing at 10 RNB. There are nine planned subway lines under construction which is expected to be partly available to the public by 2017 making Guiyang even more accessible than it already is.


During your time in Guiyang it will not be hard to purchase what you need. The main shopping streets of the city are Zhonghau Lu and Yan’an Lu, in which you will find all the department stores, leisure activities and entertainment. To name just two department buildings there is the Golden Phoenix Tower and Guiyang Department Store, the latter of which being the biggest department store in the whole of the Guizhou Province. In both stores you can find clothing, accessories, household appliances, cultural goods, and perhaps most importantly… food. Both stores have several options when it comes to dining.

There is no need to worry about your food shopping when it comes to Guiyang. With the option to buy form street markets seeming quite daunting for some, but appealing to some others, there is a great alternative. Guiyang is home to a large Wal-Mart where you can easily pick up all your required consumables.


Guiyang nightlife is famous for a vibrant nightlife. With options of Cinemas, Bowling Rooms, Bars, Clubs and many more. There is the Soho bar, Jiuku bar and various live music areas such as Ku Music Bar. With a pulsing nightlife your weekends will not go missed. Already brimming with bars, Guiyang is also known to have brillinat night clubs incase you fancy something different. Clubs include TT club, Muse and Pink.

Jobs in Guiyang

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