Teach English in Guizhou

Stunningly beautiful and inexpensive in which to live, Guizhou province is an awesome up and coming destination for an increasing number of teachers wishing to teach english in china.

Monkey perched in the trees in Qianling Park, Guizhou province
Monkey perched in the trees in Qianling Park, Guizhou province

Average salary for Guizhou province: 15,067 rmb/month

Geography & Climate

Guizhou is located deep in the mountains in the South West of China. The area has a subtropical humid climate and the weather is mild and damp. The provincial capital city, Guiyang is famous for its pleasant summer weather and mild winters. Traditionally, the provinces highly mountainous landscape has made it difficult to travel around. However, the province now has a highly developed rail network and the provincial capital Guiyang is an excellent base for seeing provinces and cities to the North, South, East and West of Guizhou.

Job Opportunities

There are numerous positions in the larger cities in Guizhou. Teachers can expect to find work in training schools and colleges in cities around the province. For those new to China it is recommended that they Teach in the provincial capital city Guiyang due to its expat community and higher number of English speakers compared to the remaining towns and cities in the province.

Aston English and Tian Tian and CC English are 3 of the larger training schools offering positions to foreigners in the province. Apply now for your agent to find you the best position in this area.

Things to see and do

The surrounding mountainous landscape is stunning in Guizhou province. Travellers can take a ride on the river rapids in the south of the province or see the minority Miao people in mountain villages like Xijiang Miao Zhai. To the East of the province, the town of Kaili has some excellent local delicacies such as cows stomach hotpot. Not for the faint hearted!|

Famous all across the country, Qianling Mountain park is an incredible example of a stunning mountain park in China. Complete with a buddhist temple, mountains, monkeys and a lake the park is an excellent retreat from the busy streets of Guiyang, the provincial capital.

Food and drink

Guizhou province is famous for its spicy dishes. Some regional specialties have been influenced from the local Miao minority people such as the famous Guizhou Sour Fish hotpot. Another local specialty found in restaurants around the province is the vegetarian dish ‘siwawa’ where vegetable raps served with spices, oils and peanuts are eaten.

Guizhou is the home of the hugely famous Chinese alcoholic drink Baijiu and the number one brand Maotai whose bottles of the rice wine can sell for hundreds of dollars each. It is said that the humid mountainous weather conditions are conducive to the area making such high quality alcohol.

Cultural insights

Drink plays a huge part in the local culture and it is customary to drink Baijiu when attending a business meal.

Jobs in Guizhou

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I2 English is a rapidly growing school with a modern approach to teaching English. I2 Guiyang is in a vibrant city ideal for exploring the real China.

EF Guiyang

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Adams English Guiyang

We have 3 locations in Guiyang city, all licenced, the owner is English, our workplace is all English speaking, so your colleagues will have no problem communicating with you on a daily basis. We will pick you up from the airport and provide help with every step you need to settle here. Accommodation for the […]