Teach English in Guangxi

Guangxi is a province is Southern China bordering Vietnam. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty with its stunning mountains and rivers.

Woman in rice field guangxi
Woman in rice field in Yangshuo, Guangxi province

Average salary for Guangxi autonomous region: 20,000 rmb/month

Geography & Climate

Located in Southern China, Guangxi borders Yunnan province to the West, Guizhou to the north and Guangdong to the East.  The province is highly mountainous can contains no shortage or rice terraces around the Li river that flows through the province.

Job Opportunities

Guilin and Yangshuo are famous tourist destinations in China and this results in a large number of western teachers wishing to teach in the province making competition for jobs high. There are a number of training schools and colleges in the larger provincial cities of Nanning and Guilin. Prior experience is preferential when looking for these positions, especially the more competitive ones.

Things to see and do

There is a lot to see and do in the stunningly beautiful part of China. The touristy scenic spot of Yangshuo, until recently only a small fishing village is surrounded by stunning vistas and natural beauty. The area around Yangshuo contains a wealth of rice terraces famous for their scenic beauty. In guilin there is the famous elephant trunk hill famous for resembling an elephants trunk dipping into the water. A great way to experience the beauty of this province along its rivers is to do a raft tour along the Li river.

Rafting along the Li river, Guangxi
Rafting along the Li river, Guangxi

Food and drink

Guangxi is famous for its Guilin rice noodles and claypot rice. The large number of rivers in the area have given rise to another delicious dish, beerfish, cooked by poaching fish in beer. There is also a beer duck dish. Another specialty of the Li river is stuffed snails: snails stuffed with pork, ginger and soy sauce.

Cultural insights

Guangxi is home to the Zhuang ethnic group, the largest minority group in China. Over 90% are reported to live in guangxi province.

Jobs in Guangxi

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