Teach English in Guangdong

Guangdong is a South Chinese province situated along the coast. The province is home to Guangzhou and was previously known in the West as Canton. It is the home of the cantonese language.

Guangzhou city, capital of Guangdong.
Guangzhou city, capital of Guangdong. Photocredit Xiquinho Silva

Average salary for Guangdong province: 14,460 rmb/month

Geography & Climate

Guangzhou has 4300 km of coastline stretching along the province. The province borders Fujian province to the east, hunan and Jiangxi to the north and Guangxi. Guangdong also borders the S.A.R of Hong Kong to the South.

The climate of Guangdong is humid subtropical with mild, short winters long, hot summers. The average temperature in January is around 17 degrees celsius and 32 degrees in July. Rain storms are common, particularly towards the end of summer with powerful thunder storms.

Job Opportunities

The provincial capital Guangzhou has a large number of employment opportunities for TEFL teachers in training schools, colleges and other institutes. Also, cities such as Zhuhai on the coast are popular with TEFL teachers for their high salaries and standards of living. Also Shenzhen, another major city is a good place to search for teaching jobs.

Things to see and do in Guangdong

The province is right next to HongKong and this makes for a great tourist destination. Within the province, Guangzhou has a huge waterpark. Canton tower, situated in Guangzhou’s new urban central district offers great views at the top and is the highest TV tower in the world. For hiking, Baiyun mountain is a popular destination among hikers.

Food and drink

Guangdong cuisine, also known as cantonese cuisine is one of the eight great cuisines in China and world famous for its sweet tasty dishes. The majority of Chinese food eaten in the west is Guangdong food. Dishes such as deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce, plum sauce, chow mein and sweet and sour pork are all native to this area. The food is popular among expats and contains a wide variety of dishes to cater to every taste.

Jobs in Guangdong

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