Teach English in Fujian

Xiamen, capital city of Fujian province
Xiamen, Fujian province. Photo credit: snotch

Fujian is a coastal province lying in the east of China below Shanghai. The province lies opposite Taiwan across the Taiwan strait and is popular for its picturesque seaside scenery and warm ather.

Geography & Climate

The province lies on the East coast bordering Jiangxi province to the west, Guangdong province to the southwest and Zhejiang to the north. The province is mountainous and is traditionally described as 80% mountain, 10% farmland and 10% water.

Fujian has a warm, humid climate with mild winters and warm, wet summers. Making it a great province to visit all year round. In january the weather is around 6-10 degrees celsius. In July during the height of summer the temperatures are high and can be in excess of 30 degrees. As the province lies on the coast it can be susceptible to typhoons coming in from the east China sea.

Job Opportunities

There are numerous large cities in fujian all with numerous employment openings for TEFL teachers. Fuzhou, the provincial capital has numerous training schools, public schools, kindergartens, universities and colleges all hiring passionate TEFL teachers. Other great cities to TEFL in are Xiamen, pictured above and Putian, Nanping, Quanzhou and Ningde.

Things to see and do in Fujian

Wu Yi mountain is a popular tourist destination. The mountain park features splendid scenery, buddhist temples and western influenced architecture. If you are more into the urban scene, the cities of Fuzhou and xiamen are well worth exploring. You can also take a ferry tour from Xiamen to Taiwan.

Food and drink

Fujian cuisine, also termed ‘Min cuisine’ features a wide variety of sea food dishes, influenced from the provinces coastal geography. Dishes feature a plethora of fish, shellfish and even turtles cooked with bamboo shoots and other green vegetables. Speciality dishes include five colours shrimp, fragrant snails in wine, stuffed fish balls and oyster omelette.

Jobs in Fujian

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