Teach English in Anhui

Anhui is a landlocked province in Eastern China across the Yangtze river basin. The province is to the west of Jiangsu and north west to zhejiang and north of jiangxi among other bordering provinces. ┬áThe province’s name Anhui is derived from a combination of two of the provinces cities: Anqing and Huizhou.

Teach English in Anhui
Trees along the Yellow mountainside, Anhui province

Geography & Climate

Anhui has mountainous territory in the South and open plains in the north and centre of the province that are densely populated with towns and cities. The province is also home to the famous Chinese mountain Huangshan. The north has a rather temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winter temperatures range from about -1 to 3 degrees celsius in January and the summer temperature in July is around 27 degrees celsius. The province borders Zhejiang and Jiangsu to the east, Henan and Hebei to the west and Jiangxi to the south.

Job Opportunities

There are plenty of TEFL opportunities particularly in the provinces larger cities. Hefei, the provincial capital, has no shortage of training schools, colleges and public schools looking for TEFL teachers. Also cities such as Anqing and Huizhou have a growing number of employment opportunities for TEFL teachers as the market in China grows for English tuition.

Things to see and do in Anhui

The province is home to one of the most beautiful mountain parks in all of China. Yellow mountain, with its stunning lotus peak and sea of clouds is a hugely popular tourist destination.

Food and drink

Anhui cuisine termed ‘Hui cuisine’ is one of China’s lesser known Eight great cuisines. The food is known for its hearty filling dishes full of wild herbs and includes stews and fried dishes. Local specialties in the area include Egg dumplings, chop suey and ‘Wushan imperial goose’.

Cultural insights

Anhui has a reputation for fine calligraphy and has a large range of calligraphy artworks and products. Huizhou is renowned for its Xuan paper and hui ink which are considered the best paper and inks for producing Chinese calligraphy.

Jobs in Anhui

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