How to land that dream job you’re underqualified for

We’ve all know that we should chase our dreams and it helps to have some tricks up our sleeves to pull the odds closer to our favour. When applying for that dream job there will often be requirements in the job specification that you don’t feel confidently covered by your resume. Here are some tips to land that dream job regardless of whether you have the correct qualifications or not.

Start with a powerful, Interesting opening

Recruiters and hiring staff read a lot of applications and resumes. After reading such a large number of applications it’s almost a certainty that there will be patterns in all applications that make each additional covering letter and CV feel increasingly numb and insignificant. The trick is to write your application from a totally different approach. Rather than begin with the standard introduction of your wish to apply for this position and why you think you will be great for it, why not try a sudden burst into the challenges that the position is currently experiencing with a current issue. For example, if you were applying to be a statistician you could write about datamining on twitter to predict stock prices, or if you are applying to be a TEFL teacher in China you could dive into how Chinese businesses are buying up London offices and how this highlights the growing connections between East and West. You are looking for something unique and preferably slightly, just slightly controversial. These will stick in the mind of the recruiter and help you stand out from the crowd.

Point out your transferable skills

Just because you don’t have a few of the skills specified it doesnt mean you are short of skills or experience. Show them other skills you have that are relevant to the position. Demonstrate your rapid ability to learn and your team working skills and skills at working under pressure and to tight deadlines. We all have numerous qualities that apply to almost all businesses so dont be afraid to really go for the sale with your personal statement.

Show your burning passion for the job

Machines may be getting increasingly better and be able to perform increasing numbers of human jobs, but they are nowhere near human yet. Passion is a human quality that we all love and value. It shoes motivation which shows productivity which shows a potential match to your dream job. An application for your dream job is a time to really sell yourself, don’t lie but don’t mention your weak points. You are here to show your recruiter that you are the one for this job and thats all you should show.

Do your homework and use it

 “Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought”  Sun Tzu

The difference between all talk and substance lies in the detail. Research can be tedious and time consuming and that is exactly why weaker applicants wont bother. Take time to research your employer and the position in great detail. Study the corporate website, then another one. Use a wide range of sources from wikipedia to social media pages and industry journals. Think of it as your research being the actual application. When the interviewer is reading your application or interviewing you this is just turning up to see the result. By knowing deep information all about the position you will be able to comfortably quote impressive, relevant facts and figures when they are needed and this will show your ability and help you stand out in the selection process as a candidate that owns the job she is applying for.