Chinese holiday dates for 2019 & 2020

Almost all work contracts in China include the official Chinese public holidays as paid vacations. Once again for the new year, here are the public holiday dates for 2019-2020 in China.

Holiday2019 Date2020 Date
New Year’s DayDec. 30 2018 – Jan. 1 2019Jan. 1
Chinese New YearFeb. 4 – 10Jan. 25
Holiday: Jan. 24 – 30
Tomb Sweeping
Apr. 5 – 7Apr. 4 – 6
May DayMay 1May 1 – 3
Dragon Boat FestivalJun. 7-9Jun. 25 – 27
Mid-Autumn Day Sep. 13 – 15 Oct. 1, 2020,
(falls within the
National Day holiday)
National DayOct. 1 – 7 Oct. 1  – 7
Prolonged until Oct. 8

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