5 tricks to beat Procrastination

Hammock procrastination

Whether at work or looking for a new position procrastination is a serious time waster. You may have a year old to-do list yet unfinished or a job application you know you should apply for but just cant seem to get round to it. Here are 5 tips to take back control of your productive day.

1. Write a to-do list

Writing your tasks helps you visualise specific jobs and therefore helps convince you that the jobs are real and need completing. Write an itemised list of all your tasks and cross them off once completed. Also, once you write a list resist adding additional tasks on as a never ending list ruins your motivation, rather, wait until all your tasks on your list are crossed off and then make a new list for the following day or week.

2. Do the toughest task first

Often we are put off by one particular task which then holds multiple other jobs back. Almost always the task that we are putting off is nowhere near as unpleasant or difficult as we have built it up to be. By doing this task first you have an easy job clearing up the remaining tasks.

3. Get a friend to harass you

Having someone nag us can help remind us and motivate us to see the job through. Partner up with somebody and nag each other to get those jobs done. This works through a term called social accountability, by telling a partner that we are going to complete something we are naturally pressured to live up to our claims and get a sense of pride when we follow through on our claim.

4. Imagine the task done

If you are struggling to understand why you should do something take a moment to picture the task done. Think of those chilled feeling and free time to do other things. This should help encourage you to get it done.

5. Build momentum

“Self-discipline is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.” Daniel Goldstein

Its common belief that discipline is a recurring force, the more discipline you have, the easier it is to become disciplined. Therefore the very toughest part is right now, at the start of your to do list. Once you get into the good habit of getting your tasks done and maintaining a regular to do list and system to complete them it will naturally be increasingly easier to resist procrastination and hit your day productively. Start steadily and build yourself up. In no time atall you will be powering through your day and kick that procrastination bug for good.