12 reasons you should work in China

Of all the exciting places in the world there is probably no country on earth at the moment more topical, vivid, or economically important as China. This huge country and its population is influencing the whole world around us and as such there has never been a better time to live and work there. Here are 13 reasons to consider packing your bags and taking a job in China.

1. Earn more

With that super economy comes huge potential for earning. Specialist jobs such as English teaching pay sky high for foreign talent. Combine this with the extremely low price of overheads in China and your take home paycheck is huge.

The stunning landscape of Guilin has been enchanting people for hundreds of years

2. Exposure to Mandarin Chinese

The most spoken language in the world and mother tongue for over 1.3 billion people, learning mandarin will rapidly improve your scope for business and communication on the world stage.

3. Broadens your cultural horizons

China has a beautiful and complex culture that is completely different culture to that of the West that we have become accustomed to. By living and working immersed in the Chinese culture we will start to see the world from a different perspective. This will help us appreciate more out of life which will increase our happiness and wellbeing.

Sunrise over beautiful Angkor Wat, an ancient temple in Cambodia and only a short flight from China

4. Opportunity to travel

Living on the other side of the world in a base there will open up an entire continent’s worth of destinations in your locality for short breaks and endless adventures. From Tokyo to Bangkok, suddenly a whole range of vibrant and exciting destinations that used to be too far away are now within easy reach. Furthermore thanks to regional low cost carriers and the local affordability of cost of living you can afford to travel regularly with some return flights from China to Thailand for less than $50 .

White towers in China’s mountainous Yunnan province make for a stunning travel photograph

5. It’s CV dynamite

As China plays an increasing influence in businesses all over the world it is becoming increasingly beneficial for employees to have experience with Chinese culture. From increased Chinese business relations to increasing access for businesses to the Chinese market employees with knowledge of the Chinese language and culture are increasingly valuable to help their businesses in the west communicate and do business with this powerful nation.

It’s not only humans that call this enchanting country home

6. Get more for your money

The cost of living in China is much less than typical Western countries. With the lower cost of living and the high earning potential you will be able to live life to a higher standard of living compared to back home. From luxuries to more holidays and weekend breaks to simply eating out in restaurants and going on nights out more you will be able to get more bang from your buck when based in China.

7. Provides a break from typical life

With such a different pace and style of your life than what you are used to, living in china will create a divide in your life which will naturally allow you to asses where you have been and where you want to go with your life. This will give you greater clarity and increase your self confidence.

Beautiful Suzhou, now connected to the Shanghai metro system

8. Helps your independence

There’s no place, geographically or culturally further home from China. Moving here and overcoming the challenges of culture shock will naturally ensure you are independent.

9. Breaks down your preconceptions

After years of listening to our local media and stereotypes on China it is often surprising to many westerners to see how developed and different China is from their prejudices and preconceptions. This awareness of reality in the far east will help make you a more balanced and knowledgeable person.

10. Improves your confidence

There are no two ways about it, moving to China is a huge adventure and overcoming the cultural challenges and growing in independence will naturally make us feel more confident and this will improve our performance both at work and in our daily life.

Teach english in Guiyang
Qianling mountain park. A beautiful first hand look at how Chinese culture has influenced the landscape

11. Grows your business connections

With its huge population and all the new business and opportunities happening in China there is no better country in the world to meet potential business associates and grow your connections network.

Enjoying a hike up one of China’s serene and holy mountains

12. It’s great fun!

Weighing all these points up. China is not only great for your personal and career development but it is also great for the soul. Living in China is a fun, exciting and unforgettable experience that you should not miss out on!

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