Affiliate Programme

The Noon Elite Affiliate Programme

Earn up to £500 per successful recommendation for dramatically improving the lives of those around you. Our mission is to give amazing jobs to amazing people. But to find all of these amazing people we need your help.


Every year there are countless talented individuals who excel in their field and would genuinely love one of our adventurous travel opportunities but who unfortunately miss out because they never knew it existed. Our research suggests that in the U.K alone each year there are over 5,000 graduates that leave university and whom would greatly benefit from our schemes but miss out from not knowing of us. We appreciate that traditional advertising alone, no matter how strong and how repetitive is not enough to solve this. We need genuine people like you to help us help them.

Why recommend us

Recommend a friend, classmate or colleague for our positions and we guarantee that you will have greatly improved their life. Our opportunities provide adventure, an opportunity to grow and gain real working experience abroad. Not to mention receive great pay, benefits and holiday opportunities. So, in return for helping us help them, we will pay you anywhere from £200 to £500 to say thanks for helping us complete our mission for each teacher you successfully put forward.

Why will we pay you so much

Let’s be honest, do those huge corporate giants such as Facebook or Google need any more  of our hard earned dough? Every penny in traditional marketing paid to these giants could instead be paid directly to teachers and applicants like ourselves.  We as a company have made the aggressive choice to put our marketing aspirations on our community and word of mouth. Like this we hope to be  putting more money directly in our teachers and applicant’s pockets. Our ambitious affiliate payments will help us achieve this.

How it works

In order to maintain our dedication to quality, our affiliate programmes are exclusively for our teachers and applicants only. If you are a member of this community, then you can join this programme by completing the short form below and register as an affiliate agent. If your application is successful you can then recommend as many teachers as you like and be paid anywhere from £200-£500 for each teacher who successfully completes the opportunity. All you need to provide to recommend the candidate is for them to apply through the site or through any of our online job ads. You can either have them apply using your own links in the affiliate portal or by emailing and telling us the candidate that you have recommended the position to. You can recommend as many candidates as you like and will be paid for every successfully hired teacher.

We look forward to working with you!


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