Teach English in China. The elite guide is released

Teach English in China: the elite guide book
Teach English in China: the elite guide is the first book Noon Elite Recruitment has made specifically to assist candidates teaching English in China with how to make the most of their time there. The book, written and edited by staff of Noon Elite Recruitment is available as an ebook or paperback on Amazon. The book has been condensed to 114 pages of high quality facts, walkthroughs and inform...
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Master’s or a year abroad. How to hack your career progression

Hong Kong skyline
There seems an ever growing predicament when graduates finish their bachelor degrees. In a world where more and more people attend University and bachelor degrees are becoming less and less valuable it is becoming ever more popular to take the easy option of grabbing a higher level master's degree. Tempting as this seems to stay in education one or two more years there may be a better way to h...
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The Job Securement Bond. New procedure starting April 7th 2017

TEFL teachers together on summit of Emei Mountain Southwest China
At Noon Elite we have now been serving the best positions in China to candidates from English speaking countries all over the world. By doing this we have provided endless lifetime memories and development for both candidates, schools and students alike. But recently, there has been an issue with our system that we can no longer overlook. A tough problem Recently, we have had a small number of i...
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