Teach English in China: The Elite Guide

Teach English in China: the elite guide is the first book Noon Elite Recruitment has made specifically to assist candidates teaching English in China with how to make the most of their time there. The book, written and edited by staff of Noon Elite Recruitment is available as an ebook or paperback on Amazon.

As China has grew to become a global economic superpower, a modern day opportunity has beset westerners around the world with the option to travel and earn an impressive salary at the same time by teaching English in China.
Teaching English in China, the elite guide is the complete handbook to those interested in a new way to see this magical country first hand. Providing readers with full up to date details, hacks and information on everything there is to know about Teaching English in China. Built from hundreds of interviews with TEFL teachers this book has been custom made to provide you with everything you need to know in a no nonsense and up to date guide.
This manual covers topics on everything you need to know from arriving in China, your accommodation, the latest apps, great dinner recipes, how to learn Chinese and what to expect from your school. The guide shows you how to plan effective lessons easily and shows you lucrative opportunities open to westerners for making money on the side. To get you started on your travels, this book covers a whole range of travel plans and itineraries, from day trips in your Chinese city, to world renowned travel destinations, to travel plans stretching across multiple Asian countries.
Reading this guide will give you the inside track on not only how to make the most of your time in China but how to use it to boost you up your chosen career ladder. Written first hand by agents of Noon Elite Recruitment, the number one Teach English in China agency that specialises in the very finest job vacancies in Chinese schools. This is the only Teaching English in China guide you will ever need.

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Teach English in China: THE ELITE GUIDE