When is it good to get fired?

Getting fired can be good for your career

Initially many of us assume getting fired to be a bad thing, often a very bad thing, especially if money is tight and we have people depending on us to bring home the paycheck. However, there are numerous times when getting fired can be a huge gift that increases your income and makes you happier in your life. Here are ways that you can use to your advantage to spin getting fired into a positive boost to your life and career.

Getting fired stops complacency

When you are settled into a mediocre job its easy to follow the path of least resistance and stay put. We feel discouraged from pursuing a better position as the risk of a period of unemployment deters us, its then easy to talk ourselves into believing that this is the best job we can get or that a different position will be no more interesting once the dust has settled. By being fired we are forced to take the risk of hunting for a new, better position and with this risk comes reward. The push to look for a new position is often just the thing we need to find a better job.

Gives you a moment to reassess

There’s a huge psychological benefit to ending a job and the feeling of a fresh start that it creates. Looking for a new position, its easy to feel that you are starting with a blank page again and all the baggage and stresses built up over your previous position instantly melt away. This leads to a reduction in stress and better peace of mind.

Provides free time to pursue other things

Not only will leaving your current job allow a window of free time to look for a better position but you will also find you suddenly have the time to find try new hobbies you always wanted to experience. This in turn can make you feel happier and more positive about the wealth of options in front of you.

Pressure can be good

Sometimes we all need that little push to get us inspired and performing better. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Many successful business leaders have attributed their success to being fired and bounced back with something extraordinary. Sometimes, getting fired and the risk of going hungry can be just the push we need to achieving greater accomplishments.