5 things to take to a job interview

Your application was successful, the telephone and skype tests went well and now its time to hit the road and meet up face to face for that all important interview. Here are five things to take with you for a smooth interview.

1. Copies of your CV

Bringing a copy of your CV, like so many things in an interview is done more of a symbol of organisation that an act of practicality. If the company has invited you to interview then they will already have seen your CV and have it on file. However, bringing your CV with you shows great organisation and initiative and this will help your stand. Bring at least 3 copies of CV kept in a sturdy folder so that they do not crease.  At the start of interview, once seated, you can take out the CV’s and offer them to your assessor.

2. Directions to the venue preloaded on your phone

Nobody prints off directions to get somewhere now. If you have a smartphone, use google maps to look at the directions to the company and be sure to arrive there in plenty of time for the interview. As a rule of thumb, aim to arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled interview time and announce your arrival at the reception on arrival to show that you arrived early. Punctuality is key in business and there’s little worse a candidate can do to make a bad impression than to arrive late for interview.

3. Questions to ask your interviewer pre-written down

During the interview you will almost always be given ample opportunity to ask questions. Questions show that a candidate is paying attention during interview. It also shows that you are interested in the opportunity. By writing questions down prior to interview you are serving two purposes; one, you are showing that you are organised by having the questions pre prepared. Two, you are insuring against the possibility of forgetting to ask something you want to know. During an interview when you are focussing on the assessor and on making a good presentation it is all too easy to forget to ask something you wanted to know. Writing the questions down ensures you remember what to ask when the time comes to enquire.

4. Notepad and paper

During the interview you are likely to be bombarded with information. In order to avoid forgetting key information it’s a good idea to bring a notepad and pen with you and take notes. Remember manners and be sure to politely ask if you can take notes prior to taking them. Once again, taking notes shows a candidate’s initiative, interest and enthusiasm for the position.

5. A page of references

Its always a good idea to bring atleast 2 solid references with you to an interview. This helps make you look more organised and makes the assessor’s job easier, which, they will be thankful for. Recent graduates, try to get an academic reference of your tutor and a reference of a working position of employment. For other candidates, the closer the reference to the industry of which you are applying, the better.  Also, the more recent, the more suitable a reference. Of course, you should ensure your reference is likely to give you a good review.